Here comes the bride...

Congratulations, Gorgeous!

This is an exciting time. Picking the right bridal makeup company is a big deal and it’s important you pick one who’s the perfect fit for you and your makeup needs. 

Your Wedding Day is a day you will always remember. Our main goal at Glow Up by Angilee, is to make sure you feel absolutely stunning. Whether you want something more natural and soft or a full glam look, there’s an artist for you here! 

We are a team of professional & licensed estheticians and cosmetologist with a passion for bridal makeup. We pride ourselves on being punctual, reliable & being your biggest hype woman on your Big Day! We are devoted to making you the happiest bride ever. With over 15+ years of experience collectively, we have been able to perfect our technique and style over the years and pride ourselves on being able to provide makeup services on all skin tones. Are you ready to be a Glow Up bride? 

Let’s Get Into the Nitty Gritty

Our biggest priority on your Wedding Day is making sure you look and feel your absolute BEST & ensuring your makeup lasts all day and night while also photographing perfectly. 

Bridal makeup services are considered a luxury & what you look like on your Wedding Day is the most important detail. Investing in Glow Up by Angilee bridal makeup services are an investment in your memories which last a lifetime. 

We invest in only the best products and continued education so our brides have the best outcome possible. Our rates are based on the day, time of year, our experience, products used and the number of applications being done. Weekends (Friday – Sunday) during our peak season of May – November are a premium rate and do require a 6 person group minimum. 

Our application is designed to last all day and night through all the sweat, tears and dancing. With a sweat and oil resistant wear, it’s been proven to last in even the hottest summer months.

Choosing Glow Up by Angilee is an investment in your memories, which last a lifetime. We believe that every look is achievable and that no detail is too small. We’re here to bring your dream bridal makeup vision to life.